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This guy does great work!
- John's Bagel Shop

Absolute did a wonderful job!
- East End Hospital


The board would like to extend their thanks and gratitude on a job well done. You and your employees were excellent, knowledgeable and courteous to shareholders.

Our team captains were given a walk-through on the quality of work performed by you in our community and they were amazed and expressed satisfaction in the board's choice of your company running this large project. All promises and commitments to ensure that all 17 buildings were up and running on time were made. Our managing agent, Fairfield, visited and commented on a fantastic job and has made mention of using you in the future for themselves. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and keeping this community updated with every step of this conversion. We look forward to an on going relationship.

Jeff Greenside,
Board President

- Woodlands

We had a 15 minute survey with National Grid. They had me rate everything from 1 – 10. They asked about contractor and to rate them. I told them you ran, coordinated and completed all aspects of the job 10+. You coordinated with town, national grid and any other department needed to complete this project of installing 24 boilers in 8 different buildings. By the way 10 is the best and 0 is the worst. I rated National grid from 6 to 8 because they did not meet their original commitment of inside meters and using the same pipes for delivery. I told them I am completely satisfied with the outcome, except Mat Dorsey said he would pick up the difference in cost of outside slabs and safety pipes to protect from cars in parking lots. In his defense I have never contacted him to work this out. We have entirely completed this project within the last week supplying heat and hot water to 17 buildings with 224 units. . National Grid was also excellent with their crews and work performed. The board felt very confident with you over seeing all aspects of work. As an update Mat Dorsey did reimburse our community for expenses that were unforeseen. The community has been on gas since late August 2012. Even though oil prices have come down from our previous year we have already exceeded savings estimates. Our staff doesn’t miss the weekly deliveries of oil trucks filling our 32 tanks on a regular basis. There are no more complaints of black soot or smells in our development. Heat and hot water has surpassed everyone's goals.

Domnick, As the President of the board, I want to thank you for personally being there and answering anyone's concerns or questions. Our complex never lost heat, cooking gas or hot water throughout the conversion. No other vendor thought of running their own oil burners in each building while you were building and bringing gas on line. I want to thank you very much for your support and giving me the greatest legacy this community will ever have.

Jeffrey Greenside

Dominick (and the rest of the team at Absolute HVAC),

We just want to say thank you for the excellent work you and your team did with our central air installation. From planning through completion we felt that all your recommendations and decisions on sizing and placement of equipment were expertly executed. We could tell right away after getting a couple other estimates last year that you were clearly at a higher level of experience in the industry.

As far as execution of the installation, we were delighted with your prompt service, attention to detail, leaving the house as neat and clean as it was before you came, etc. The crew was a pleasure and extremely professional and polite.

We will certainly keep you in mind and be assured we will refer Absolute HVAC at every possible opportunity.

Thanks again.
Peter and Donna Spaeth
Aquebogue, NY

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we've been a top installer since 1984 for oil to gas conversions for both residential and commercial

We've been a top installer since 1984 for oil to gas conversions for both residential and commercial.